Walk 1 - The Heart of the City

The nearest tube station is St Paul's.

Leave the station and make your way to the statue of Queen Anne at the foot of the steps at the front of St Paul's Cathedral.
Please see maps below.


Begin your visit to London with this walk which contrasts some of the Square Mile's oldest buildings and to hear about its ancient traditions. You'll see Roman remains, the wonderful work of Sir Christopher Wren as well as stunning 20th Century architecture.

This walk is a must if you have just arrived in London, or for anyone who wants to learn more about this historic city and its ancient traditions.

St Paul's Cathedral

A quick guide to using the maps

The map on the left shows St Paul's Tube Station in street view and on the right is a Google Map. If you are not familiar with these maps, then here are some tips:

  • In street view, click the navigation circle on the left to change direction.
  • Use the plus/minus symbols to zoom in/out, or click the corner for full screen: Expand Street View to Full Screen and see a wealth of other information including photos in full screen, click photos.
  • In street view, hover your mouse over the image, it changes to a circle or square. Click to move to that spot.
  • On the right map, you can use similar controls to street view. You can also select the type of map by clicking on one of the white viewing boxes at the top.
  • If you get lost, then refresh this page to reset the maps and start again.
  • Your browser needs Flash to work with Street View. Apologies if you are using an iPhone or iPad.


Quiz Question

You will be entertained by a great many historical tales and interesting facts on this walk.
Pull back the curtains of history to reveal the answer to the following question:


"Which city official wears a tall fur hat?"


The answer to the question is:
The Swordbearer
and did you know the fur is sable.

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